Opening hours 10am – 8pm

Unforgettable sauna experience

SaunaPark concentrates several different saunas and hot tubs on the shore of Lake Peurunka. Have you ever bathed on the sauna bus? And what kind of steam is in the smoke sauna? These and many others can be experienced and seen in Peurunka! Take a dip in the refreshing Peurunkajärvi while bathing, and relax in the area’s lounge. The SaunaPark area has showers with lake water.

There are a total of six-eight unique saunas and several hot tubs in the area. This summer, the saunas in the area will see themes that make the sauna experience even more special.

















Picture: Julia Kivelä


The entrance for the SaunaPark costs 13 € / person (+ service fee). The reservation includes two (2) hours of access to the SaunaPark area at the selected time and access to all saunas and hot tubs in the area, and cloakroom.

Children under 8 years free of charge with adult to SaunaPark.

A package deal is also available, which includes access to the SaunaPark area (2 hours) and use of the Peurunka spa for 23 € / person (+ service fee). The ticket for the spa is valid all day (3 July).

Note. Children under 4 years free of charge with adult to Peurunka Spa. 

Buy your ticket to the SaunaPark using the “SaunaPark” button on the right side of the page. To guarantee a successful sauna experience, we limit the number of visitors in the area at the same time. If there are entry tickets are left from the pre-sale, it is also possible to buy them on the day of the event at the entrance gate of the SaunaPark.

You will need your towel and swimsuit (if needed, you can rent a towel at the SaunaPark entry stand at an additional cost). SaunaPark -area has A-licenses. Other sauna accessories are also available for purchase, e.g. sauna whisks. The cloakroom locates at the entry of the SaunaPark.

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Saunas and hot tubs in the saunapark 2021

Forest sauna

Hiisi sauna tent, Savotta

The scents of the forest and the sounds of birds soothe the restless mind and make you feel somewhere else. Experience the steam in a sauna tent of the same style, which the contestants try to warm up as quickly as possible at the World Championship.

In the Forest Sauna, you get to enjoy Nystad Sauna Company’s amazing Birch Sauna Scent. Birch is the traditional scent for sauna in Finland and breathing in the steam of Birch refreshes your mind, helps your body to recover and gives you the best and most creative ideas.

A traditional sauna experience

Now you have an excellent opportunity to try a relaxing sauna whisking session when the traditional sauna guide -student Mari whisks in the Forest sauna.

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PARTY sauna tent

Party tent sauna, Savotta

Parties in the sauna? Sounds great! Music from the ’90s and the relevant disco lighting makes even the quietest bather to hum.



There is truly space and atmosphere in the Party tent sauna!

Pampering sauna

Sauna, Peurunka

Peurunka’s traditional sauna on the shore transforms into a pampering oasis. In connection with the sauna, you can find various skincare products to try for free. After the steam and care products, the skin feels completely rejuvenated!

In the Pampering Sauna, your body is indulged with Nystad Sauna Company’s amazing Birch & Lavender Sauna Scent. Breathing in the steam of Birch & Lavender together calms your mind, relaxes your body and gives you peaceful dreams.

There is also a cozy living room with a fireplace and toilet facilities connected to the sauna building.

smoke sauna

Smoke sauna, Peurunka

Have you ever tried the gentle steam of a smoke sauna? The entire SaunaPark is located on the shore of Lake Peurunkajärvi, but the beach, which opens in front of the smoke sauna, in particular, is gently deepening and is therefore also suitable for children.


Sauna bus

Sauna bus, Pohjolan Matka

What connects movement, the steam of wood stove, and karaoke? Experience this special road ace at SaunaPark! Note. If you are interested in the sauna bus and want to reserve it for yourself, you can do so by calling 0201 303 329 or sending an e-mail to

Pohjolan Matka


A small sauna and good steam, is that possible? Yes! Come and check this compact minisauna yourself.

In the Minisauna, you can enjoy the refreshing filling of Nystad Sauna Company’s  Birch & Mint Sauna Scent. When breathing in the steam of Birch & Mint together, it opens your mind, invigorates your body and clears your breathing.


LÖYLYNLYÖJÄT ry trailer sauna

The LÖYLYNLYÖJÄT sauna club needed a new trailer sauna when the previous trailer sauna had been forcibly bought in Sweden. So they ordered a ready-made, sturdy frame from the manufacturer, on which the sauna was then built. 

The frame of the sauna is made of wood, as well as the outer lining and the inner lining panel.
In addition, the walls of the sauna are upholstered with shingles inside. The sauna has been built entirely by the members of the sauna club, with the exception of the platform and the stove.

The sauna club LÖYLYNLYÖJÄT ry was founded in 1987 to nurture and store the Finnish sauna tradition. The club has been very active since the beginning. During the best years of operation, the annual report accumulated operations for up to 250 days. This trailer sauna can also be rented from the club.


hot tubs

There is also three relaxing hot tubs in the SaunaPark area for you to enjoy. 








SaunaPark services 2021

Traditional sauna treatment

Relaxing sauna whisking treatment

Did you know that whisking improves better blood circulation and metabolism, purifies the skin while relaxing the whole body? The scent of birch leaves comes from etheric oil, which prevents infections and relieves pains.

Now you have an excellent opportunity to try a relaxing sauna whisking treatment when the traditional sauna guide -student Mari whisks in the Forest sauna.

The whole session with sauna and whisking lasts about 20-30 minutes.

The session starts with warming up the body in the sauna steam followed by relaxing laying on a treatment table enjoying whisking on the skin.