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At lakeland Varjola you have an opportunity to experience many activities, for example rafting and river adventures, football, paintball, wine tasting and much more. At the country bistro you will find delicious menu and lovely delicacies at the café. There are also quality accommodations close to nature where you can enjoy delicious countryside breakfast in a barn restaurant.


Savotta Hiisi 3


“Let’s make it better than others. Let’s make it to endure!” is what Allan Halme decided in 1955 when he and his wife Marjatta started manufacturing gloves and backpacks for loggers, founding what would become Finn-Savotta.
Over sixty years later, the third generation of Savotta entrepreneurs continue the work of our founders. Our core business today is design and production of high quality functional gear, with a focus on load bearing equipment and tents, for demanding professional and recreational use in extreme environments.
As a family owned business and more of a family than a mere business our most important value is openness. We share success and failure alike and are not afraid of learning from our mistakes. We oppose throw-away culture, we build our gear to last and do so with integrity!
Experience and professional skills accumulated and honed over the decades include heavy-duty technical sewing, laser cutting, metalworking, automation, material and structural expertise and a deep understanding of the end-users requirements.
Currently Finn-Savotta operates two facilities, the main offices and factory in Karstula, Finland and another factory in Tartu, Estonia and employs a total workforce of ca. 100 personnel. We operate in commercial retail, B2B and professional markets. Our customers include outdoors enthusiasts, humanitarian aid groups and military and law enforcement organizations both domestically and abroad.



Harvia is one of the leading companies in the sauna- and spa market. Harvia was established in the year 1950. Today Harvia offers sauna stoves, infrared- and steam saunas, digital control centers and other sauna supplies. Harvia also has a variety of sauna decorations. We provide comprehensive solution for all sauna- and spa experiences of all needs and spaces.



The Lapelland collection consists of buildings that can be towed with a car. A constantly growing group of satisfied customers are now enjoying these buildings both in Finland and all around the world. The mobility of these registered, wheeled constructions enables year-round living and sauna bathing even in many different locations – with the costs of just one building. You do not need to pay for the foundations, as they travel with the building. In mobile use, all our constructions are construction permit-free by default.



We are Finnish family business from Suonenjoki. All our products are handmade from recyclable material. Relax-saunawhisk you can use where ever when ever, buy it to your home or bring as a gift to a friend. We want to make pleasant sauna experiences to all friends of sauna. Make the sauna-moment memorably!


Saunapolku at Revontuli near Iso-Virmas lake offers relaxing sauna experiences in three different saunas. Saunapolku’s heart is a traditional Savusauna that offers soft and smoky warmth to a bigger group. In modern Loitsusauna you can treat yourself with different sauna treatments. Steamy tent-sauna is favorite sauna for many visitors. It has soft heat where you can do some relaxing stretching. In addition, Saunapolku has two hot tubs where you can enjoy for the lakeview in between saunas. There is also an opportunity to swim in a lake. Open night sauna events are informed at Revontuli website and on Facebook.


Photo by Julia Kivelä


Warmer feelings.
Kirami has a suitable hot tub for everybody. The Original, Comfort and Premium product lines include plenty of different size and material choices. You can find a suitable tub all the way from an original wooden tub to a modern composite panelled plastic tub. Also check out Kirami’s sturdy Outstanding products that has products for barbecuing and outdoor decoration.



Kelo – Proud and Unpredictable

Kelo is a dead standing tree. It is grey on the outside and reddish on the inside. Dead standing tree can stand still for a hundreds of years.
Kelo’s features are cracks and gnarls which make it special. The heart of the tree has a deeper color when being in the North than the trees in South.




Join us at the Sauna Heating World Championships! Come and do the Löyly-dance with us to the Peurunka!

Peat Treatments

The treatment peat of Lehtosuo has been successfully used for the treatment of rashes, psoriasis, acne, scalp, leg ulcers, diaper rash, muscle aches, joint disorders, rheumatic pain, edema, circulatory disorders, menstrual pains, menopausal disorders, prostate problems, etc. The full treatment is suitable for rheumatic pain, treatment of sports injuries, and abrasions. Peat significantly boosts your metabolism, and the bioactive substances in peat condition the skin. Cold peat is used in acute inflammations and treatment of sports injuries, which soothes the



For the entire body
Sauna Arctica – the name of this product family refers to its application: skin care products that are used when having a sauna bath. They protect the skin against excessive heat, without preventing it from breathing. Provides multiple skin care, moisturising, cleansing, and stabilising functions.

Gently peeling Sauna Creme – Cloudberry and Honey
Relaxing Sauna Creme – Peat and Honey
Rejuvenating Sauna Creme – White Peat and Honey
Smoothing Sauna Creme – Birch Bud Extract and Honey
Primeval Soothing Sauna Creme – Pine Tar and Honey
Seductive Sauna Creme – Mint Chocolate and Honey